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Powercoat NFC Paper Printing Services 

PowerCoat offers a seamless way to integrate electronics with everyday products such as packaging, event tickets, cards and magazines as well as with more sophisticated applications and components including pressure sensitive materials, lighting or displays.

Whether it’s retail, education, medical or aerospace, every industry can benefit from integrating printed electronics on paper. Food packaging that communicates the freshness of its contents, smart and connected greeting cards and stationery, security and anti-counterfeiting applications, plastic parts with embedded NFC technology or even wearable medical devices such as biomaterial sensors can now be realized thanks to this powerful innovation.

Advertising and Promotions

Scan a car advert with your smartphone to book a test drive and enter a competition to win the car; Interactive festival flyers that can be scanned to receive a discount, and direct you straight to the booking page; Luxury handbag advert that plays a video of the handmade crafting process with a tap of your phone or even a promotional card once scanned, opens a company’s website – all applications possible with our PowerCoat Alive range for graphic printing.

Events: Ticketing and Invitations

PowerCoat ALIVE enables interactive event ticketing and invitations that offer added functionality, with integrating electronics offering an enhanced customer experience. Never miss your favourite act again with festival tickets that can be programmed to open personalised listings or save alerts direct to your phone. Create wedding invitations that can automatically RSVP the happy couple, or add the date to your calendar.

Stationery and Branding

What better way of announcing the birth of your first-born child but with a connected announcement card! One tap and your nearest and dearest can view a video of your bundle of joy. Companies can print their annual greeting card on any of our ALIVE products, and with one tap, recipients can view a thank you video message from the department manager or CEO. Furthermore, companies now have connected business cards that once scanned, will open the company’s website or a dedicated webpage for registration to be added to the mailing list. How about NFC restaurant menus with content that is always up to date, place your order in full confidence.

Labels and Stickers

With integrated NFC functionality, PowerCoat’s range of labels and stickers have been developed to offer all the advantages of PowerCoat ALIVE, in ready to use printable adhesives.From wine labels that can be scanned to win a trip to Tuscany, to a sticker on a book cover that enters a book signing with the author direct to your calendar, PowerCoat’s labels and stickers can be programmed to trigger a multitude of device functions.


PowerCoat is the ideal solution for creating the next generation of intelligent packaging, enabling smart functionality that consumers can interact with, and offering a more immersive brand experience than ever before.Imagine perfume boxes that can be scanned to receive the latest instore promotions or packaging that allows to you view the making-of of your favorite product.What’s more, we can work with you to integrate added functionality to make your product stand out from the competition including point of sale packaging with integrated LEDs that light up or food packaging that can communicate the freshness of its contents to your phone.And with the benefits of detailed analytics, you can also track the success of your campaigns in real-time.

How does it work?

A sheet of PowerCoat Alive comprises 3 layers of paper: two layers of our conventional creative papers from brands like Conqueror or Curious Collection; between which a layer of our PowerCoat paper with pre-printed RFID circuitry and a silicon chip are inserted. The 3 sheets are then laminated to create a sheet of our “connected” PowerCoat Alive. The result is an NFC-ready paper that can be programmed to trigger a multitude of functions on any NFC-enabled device.

ALIVE can be printed, finished and handled as you would any other paper. This enables magazine advertisements, packaging, retail labels, book covers, cosmetics and other high-value printed materials to be interactive and deliver additional content, such as special offers, coupons, product information and other information.

WHAT CAN we make WITH NFC Paper?

This is only a small selection of what we can make with Powercoats's amazing NFC paper. If you don't see exactly what you need, please call us on 01322 333363 and one of our friendly team will help you find the printing solution you need.

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