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PCs and Macs both represent colours on the screen by mixing together the three colours red, green and blue. When it comes to high quality printing, rather than using the RGB system, professional printing companies use four inks (cyan, magenta yellow, and black - CMYK). This is also known as "four-colour process". Mixing the four colours together in specific quantities will result in virtually the entire spectrum of colours being available. For most work, this method produces perfectly adequate results, but sometimes there is a call for a specific colour, which CMYK cannot reproduce perfectly. In such cases a pre-prepared ink is used, and this is called a spot colour. Occasionally, a job will contain both process and spot colours.

When producing your own artwork, for printing professionally, the issue of how particular colours are reproduced is extremely important. If you are planning to supply your own artwork, do please call us to discuss this aspect.

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