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For immediate impact, and that elusive ‘touch of class’ at a relatively inexpensive cost, nothing quite matches the stylish appearance of foiling. It has the ability to capture the attention at a glance, and to transform the otherwise mundane into something quite eye catching and impressive.

Foiling is not always the best option of course – but we are constantly surprised at the ever increasing range of printed items that really do benefit from it, as you can see from the few examples here.

Once the design, typesetting and proofing stages are completed, and the work is ready for press, those areas which are to be foiled are separated out, and special foil blocks are produced. At this point those areas which are not being foiled are printed, using either a litho or digital process.

The job is then loaded on to our letterpress machines, the foil blocks are placed in a thermostatically-controlled unit, and then heated to exactly the right temperature

The required colours and types of foil are then loaded. When the foil is introduced between the heated foil block and the paper stock, a layer of the foil is permanently impressed onto the paper. And the quality and accuracy of the process is such that we can produce a foiled line hardly wider than the width of a human hair if required!

There is a vast spectrum of colours and patterns of foiling available, plus various shades of gold and silver, and even white and holographic foil. Business stationery, invitations and security systems are all potential beneficiaries of the foiling process. We would be happy to advise you on whether it’s the right medium to meet your requirements.


This is only a small selection of what we can print with Foiling. If you don't see exactly what you need, please call us on 01322 333363 and one of our friendly team will help you find the printing solution you need.

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